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Get Paid to Post on Forums and Blogs

Hello and Welcome to PayPerPostFoum.com! Please use the appropriate box below to join as either a Forum Poster or Forum Owner. As a forum owner you can submit campaigns that will allow forum posters to claim and respond to. As a forum poster you can earn cash by posting on forums and blogs that are listed by forum owners. Once you create an account, you will need to verify your email address.

Update: November 20th, 2012
We are currently working on the website to bring you a better Pay Per Post Website!
We should have the new system live in just a few days, please stand by...

Do you like to write articles and post messages on other websites? Signup as a "Forum Poster" and earn cash for posting useful content. If you can write quality articles in proper English, we will pay you join websites and post messages!

* Earn Cash for Posting in Various Forums
* Earn $0.05 or More Per Post
* Low $5 Minimum Payout
* Earn Cash for Submitting Articles
* Earn Commissions for Referring Others

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Do you have a forum or blog that you need help getting content posted and members to join? Sign up as a "Forum Owner" and we'll help you get content and members for a low price.

* Get Quality Posts Rapidly
* Post Payout Minimum Start At $0.05
* You Only Pay If You're Satisfied
* Fastest way To Build Your New Forum
* Fund Your Account With PayPal or By Article Submission

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If you have your own blog or forum and your getting traffic and visitors to it, signup as a "blogger" and we will pay you to help promote our Advertiser's Products and Services. We provide a safe and easy way for bloggers to get paid for talking about products and services on their own website.

* Manage Multiple Blogs From One Account
* Get Offers Direct from Advertisers
* Browse Job Opportunities That You're Eligible For
* Keep Track of Transactions and Account Balance
* Keep Track of Jobs You Have Blogged About.

Join Now as Blogger!

Advertisers can register and create an "Opportunity". An Opportunity may be a product or service that you want to advertise. Advertisers will have many bloggers see their Opportunity for them to blog about it on their own websites. When an advertiser creates a Job Opportunity, they are charged a small fee that we pay the Blogger with.

* Easy to Create "Job Opportunities"
* Target Specific Bloggers for Best Exposure
* Additional Job Promotions Also Available
* Get Detailed Live Stats On Your "Opportunities"
* Browse Blogger Directory & Contact Directly

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